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About the Project  
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Why this project :

Never in the history has there been so crucial a need for people in the world to know one another. Technological advances in transportation, communication, and electronics have made all people neighbors. The distance that kept people apart in the past have all but vanished.

With the turn of a dial, the touch of a button, or the click of an icon, events and people thousands of miles away come into our awareness with immediacy and impact. We see or hear, almost as if we were indeed participants, a devastating tidal wave in Asia, an earthquake in Peru, a government overthrow in Africa, a terrorist bombing in Middle East. The inescapable truth is that each one of us is a citizen of an immense and complex community: the World.

Yet persisting ignorance about other peoples, land and other cultures keeps alive the embers of fear and prejudice that so often burst into flames of hatred and conflict. The task of achieving better understanding among people is a different – accurate, interesting, readable information about every continent, country, and state or province; their peoples; and their ways of life. The goal of Rotary Dolls Museum is to fulfill this need.


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