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"It is now our aim to get at least one doll from each RI's current 532 Districts to celebrate this the 100th year of Rotary to represent its worldwide presence."
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Even after a whopping response of over 1400 dolls, enough is not the word.

The process is still on and appeal to Donate a Doll is still alive.

So our only question to you is, has your club sent that doll ?
When you are deciding to send us a doll, you may also want to know what is so special about this doll collection.
Unique Feature of the Project :

This is the ONLY project in the world of Rotary International initiated by a singular Club ( 3060 ) & NOT by Rotray International or The Rotary Foundation, wherein more than 525 Clubs out of 290 Rotary Districts of RI world have participated, as on February 23, 2005.

This is not ONLY a simple Museum;
It proudly has given birth to a step forward for global understanding and peace.
It has become a mini world tour for not only sight seeing the spectacular laces of the world but also their cultural, traditional, historical, & geographical learning.
It has brought a paradigm shift from being a
“Global Village” to a “United World”.
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