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1. Doll Museum – an effort to show our care & concern
Project Idea & amplification

Initially visualized as small collection of dolls that can be housed with local government authority or some children fun park, basic plan needs a mega change and amplification looking at overwhelming response and various possibilities to serve the young community, the Rotary movement and the society as a whole.

Various phases of project
Doll Museum – the first thought
As a natural extension to RCRM’s many youth/children services, the dream started with a first thought of appealing and collecting dolls from various Rotary clubs worldwide.

An appeal to contribute a doll was communicated via email to approx. 28,000 Rotary clubs worldwide. This appeal was also published on a special website ( that was also selected as top 10 Rotary websites.

Overwhelming response to above efforts, amplified the whole project idea and following phases are now under active consideration.
Rotary clubs (worldwide) participation
Idea of virtual doll museum has also produced opportunity for another participation of various Rotary clubs (and other NGOs) in this dream project. Rotary clubs that have contributed a doll to RCRM’s unique collection may be offered to manage their sections at virtual museum. Unique opportunity to work in collaborative environment like this may help to achieve many goals of community service faster.

Cultural & Youth Center
Further to all ideas mentioned above, this museum can serve as great cultural & youth center. Cultural exchange activities like celebrating country weeks where young ones learn about history, culture & customs, people & living styles from different regions/countries with an interesting medium of dolls. Similarly various awareness & educational activities can also be planned to develop better society for future.

Expected results with projected figures
Benefits to children /youth
  -  200 children expected to visit every day
  -  Exposure to international culture, language, history &      geography
  - Opportunity for worldwide young community to exchange, to   -  share and build international friends (new version of pen / doll      friendship)
  -  Bring the feeling of global brotherhood

Benefit to society
 - Bring the feeling of global brotherhood
 - Unique museum & culture center, the 1st in the entire state of    Gujarat with population of more than 5 millions.
 - An excellent example of being a part of global village
 - Bring the feeling of global brotherhood by understanding other    culture
 - Youth energies are channellised for meaningful & creative work
 - Exposure to business opportunities
 - Exposure to over 40 most commonly used languages world    wide.

Doll Museum – project continuing
Below given figures are as on February 23, 2009.
32,000 visitors comprising of slum children, school children & adults have visited the Rotary Dolls Museum.
Dolls received
RCRM has received about 1600+ dolls from various part of world.
Cost of Doll Sent as per the Passport document and freight / courier / postage
RCRM has till date received dolls an estimated worth of over USD 110,000/-.
Clubs participated
About 635 Rotary Clubs, from 340 R.I. Districts across 102 Countries have taken part in this project by sending dolls.
2. Activities & Promotions planned
Following is the brief list of proposed activities and promotions planned for doll museum.
Proposed list of activities for Physical Museum (YouthCenter)
Cultural activities
Housing of dolls collected from various parts of world, replicating an almost near environment from its origin country.
Maintain a library of references, books, maps etc. of different cultures.
Celebrating country weeks: A unique concept where young ones learn about history, culture & customs, people & living styles from different regions/countries with an interesting medium of dolls
Dramatics, Arts & Music activities in the Creativity Center.
Courses for learning foreign language.
Serve as a nucleus where youth from entire region can meet for constructive youth related activities
Tie up with youth related organization
International Youth exchange
Educational/Youth awareness activities
(free for needy/poor children)
Education guidance (domestic & international), both to schools and parents.
Employment exchange
Technology workshops / Computer education
Personality development / Vocational workshops
Awareness programs on drug abuse & youth related problems
A unique training sessions to build future Rotarians
Proposed list of services/features available at Virtual Museum
To build a virtual home for the dolls collected
Conveying and promoting activities of dolls museum to take this project on world scale
Building a strong platform of fund raising to support the project
Providing a one-stop culture exchange center to young community worldwide
Proposed list of Online/Offline promotional activities
Regular mailing to all Rotary clubs
Feature in all Rotary publications
Ongoing web marketing activities
Effective press / public relations
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