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International Service :

We all have grown up learning that human being is a social animal. So rightly, we are curious about what our neighbors do and how do they live their lives. In today’s world, society is not limited to a small group of individuals, nor the neighborhood is limited to families living near our homes.

We now go beyond and look what is happening in the societies around the world, in our neighbouring

Thus comes in the “Global Village” concept of the RDM

Working in unison with the RCRM’s mission & vision the RDM helps the society in it’s curiosity to know, learn & understand the world around it.

Activities like the following help the RCRM & the RDM to bring in International Services for its community :
Of course the dolls with its ethnicity, culture, history & traditions come in from all over the world, thanks to the Rotarians world over.
But this is still a singular medium of knowing the world.
Project & research work facility using the CD library at the RDM
Guidance for studying abroad
Foreign Language Learning Center ( FLLC )
Youth Exchange Programs
Unique training to build future Rotarians
Finishing School
Classes for learning Computer / Technological skills
Protected Cyber Space for their knowledge enhancement
( Internet surfing )
Guidance for international business relations & opportunities
Center to impart information of countries, languages, manners, its culture, and business prospects there in.
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